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  • BLACK "FIRE IS A TOOL" 3-Pack - $5.00
  • RED "FIRE IS A TOOL" 3-Pack - $5.00
  • "RUST IS A COLOR" 3-Pack - $5.00
  • "GIVE ME ONE OF EACH" 3-Pack - $5.00
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FIRE IS A TOOL STICKER- 4" diameter round. Choose Red or Black. Sold in qty of 3 stickers for $5.

RUST IS A COLOR STICKER- 2.5" X 6.5" rectangular (featuring the scientific formula for rust- Fe2O3.nH2O). Sold in qty of 3 stickers for $5.

GIVE ME ONE OF EACH- sampler pack including: (1) fire is a tool red, (1) fire is a tool black and (1) rust is a color sticker.